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Virgin Olive Oil PET 5 L (3-bottle box)



In stock

Virgin Olive Oil PET 5 L (3-bottle box)

(74 customer reviews)


15 l | 9.85 € / 1 l

In stock

  • A cheaper packaging.
  • PET plastic bottles are virtually unbreakable, so they are ideal for transport.
  • Bottles come with a handle to easily handling them.
  • Free shipping on the Iberian Peninsula.
  • The best value for money.

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La Chinata Virgin Olive Oil is the juice from the best olives harvested in Sierra de Gata region, in the Northwest of the province of Cáceres. Only the olives we consider are fundamental to obtain a high quality Virgin Olive Oil are harvested. Olives must be at their optimum ripeness stage, clean, healthy and with no visible flaws.

Only through this selection system, we can guarantee to our customers a Virgin Olive Oil whose quality is assured.

Our Virgin Olive Oil has four main characteristics:

  • An intense yellow colour with some green touches.
  • A sweet and flat taste, without the burning and bitter tastes that are characteristic of the oils from southern Spain; therefore, a very pleasant taste is achieved, making its tasting a real pleasure.
  • A very dense ripe fruit aroma.
  • A very high fatty acids content, which makes this one of the most perfect Virgin oils of all those obtained in the different olive-growing areas of Spain.

We must take into account that, in the region of La Sierra de Gata, most olives are destined for direct consumption, that is to say, table olives, which enjoy a well-deserved popularity throughout Spain (the famous "Manzanilla Cacereña" olives). They are highly appreciated for their texture and flavour, which make them very palatable.

Oil is obtained from small olives that cannot be allocated to direct concumption, so that we can say that Virgin Olive Oil obtained from these products keeps all their virtues.

74 reviews for Aceite de Oliva Virgen PET 5l (Caja de Tres Garrafas)

  1. Isabel Cantabria

    It is the first time that we have bought this oil online and we have been surprised by its fruity flavor, it does not leave bitterness or acidity. In crude it earns even more and its delivery was adjusted to the agreed deadlines. We will continue consuming and buying it online.

  2. Ana

    I have been using this oil for a long time because I love its quality. It is the first time that I order online, but the order arrived in a very short time, without any problem, and when buying 3 it is even cheaper. So my whole experience has been great. Although I love going to your store and taking some special seasoned oil along the way. Resuming the truffle and the chilli. Thank you so much.

  3. Julia

    I have been taking this oil for many years.
    I feel very good


    Since we had the opportunity to try your oil, we have not stopped consuming it. Request it online, we found it very agile, as indicated. We are grateful.


    A great oil for daily use

  6. Jose Angel

    perfect, no problem

  7. Paula

    Comfortable, practical, and, of course, magnificent product quality

  8. ferdinand

    It is not the first time that I buy and I will continue buying

  9. Irantzu

    Good taste and good quality

  10. Raul

    We started buying cosmetic products that we liked a lot and now we also buy Gourmet products. Chinata oil does not detract from the flavor of food and when you heat it it is very resistant, it does not start to smoke quickly.

  11. Jesus

    I use it to cook because of the good flavor it gives to stews, it reduces very little in frying, it seems to me an excellent oil.

  12. Aranzazu

    I've been buying it for a long time and we like it.

  13. José

    I already knew the product and it was very good. The adjusted price. And the phenomenal service. Thank you

  14. Maria Belen

    Excellent service and quality of the product purchased. The truth is that it is a pleasure to buy and that the level of satisfaction is this!

  15. embodies

    Correct shipment, good product


    It is an oil with a pleasant flavor, it does not mask the flavors of the food
    I use it daily

  17. sorrel

    I have bought this oil for the second time and it is worth it. It's not strong but it's not bland either. It has the right point to be able to use it for cooking and also raw. I recommend it

  18. Cynthia

    My children love to eat their purées with a touch of olive oil

  19. Jose Alberto

    the format and price are good, but the product is much better. Very good

  20. Maria del Mar

    The 5L format is ideal for the house because I use it regularly

  21. MARTHA

    We have been cooking with this oil at home for many years, and it always exceeds expectations.
    Oil that meets all the requirements of a good product, both for frying and for dressing any salad. Or as they say in Catalonia _Pan amb oli i salt_

  22. Jose Alberto

    Very well everything, delivery and store page

  23. Esteban

    Very good service and quality and price

  24. virgil

    I know the product and it is good, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

  25. Jorge

    We love good oil at a good price, demanding quality.

  26. Juan

    Good fast service

  27. Benedict

    Excellent product.
    Good service.
    Good value for money.

  28. Ana Begona

    The oil is very good, excellent treatment, totally recommended, very good price and excellent treatment.

  29. Ana Begona

    The oil is very good, excellent treatment, totally recommended, very good price and excellent treatment.

  30. Naomi

    I also like to have this oil with a little less intensity than the extra virgin. I combine them depending on what you need.

  31. almudena

    I already knew it because even though I ordered it for Barcelona, I'm from Extremadura, my parents who are from Moraleja consume it, but it's great that they can send it to you anywhere. I am recommending it to everyone here and more than the shipping is free. The oil is very rich.

  32. MARTHA

    I can only say that I have been buying La Chinata oil for more than ten years and neither the quality, flavor, nor texture have changed in this time. Totally trustworthy, without a doubt. Fast shipping, neat packaging. Thank you.
    M. Catalan.


    Good product, very good quality and a reasonable price

  34. Paula

    I like both the flavor and the texture, that's why I repeat

  35. Carlos

    Good oil. We like it a lot for natural consumption, salads, bread,... And at a reasonable price. We've been buying it for a long time and we haven't gotten tired of it.

  36. Matthew

    Very good purchase with quality and flavor for all meals and salads


    It is the best I have tasted in a long time, a very mild flavor to be extra virgin
    yields a lot

  38. Ana

    Delicious oil both to eat raw and to cook. I tried it a year ago and since then I haven't changed brands

  39. Jon

    Very good oil I will continue buying
    I don't know about cava because I haven't drunk it yet
    Thank you

  40. nuria

    It is an excellent oil if you know how to use it gives a lot of if

  41. Maria

    The shipping, the speed of preparing the order... and of course the oil!

  42. Jesus

    Very good oil and great flavor I use it mainly for cooking, it gives a very good touch to the dishes.

  43. Jose Alberto

    This oil has a milder flavor than others that I have tried, it is what I was looking for

  44. Rafaela

    Eating toasted bread with a few drops of this oil has become a vice. Taste something different from the oil that I was used to consuming but it seems to me that I have benefited from the change.

  45. MARTHA

    Oil valid for frying and for salads!!
    Good presentation, fast service, and respectful shipping. Comoda buys online through its website.

  46. Francisco

    Totally satisfied with the service and the product

  47. Francisco

    Totally satisfied with the service and the product purchased.

  48. Sabine

    The delivery was fast despite the distance (northern France) and the packaging and the contents were impeccable. I will proceed with another order without hesitation. This oil is delicious. I wish it existed organically!

  49. Star

    The price is a bit high compared to other oils

  50. Maria

    We have been comparing and consuming only this chinata virgin olive oil for many years because we love it and it is also delicious. Both raw and for cooking. Highly recommended!

  51. Louise

    What satisfies me the most is the quality of the product, and its container is resistant to use until the end of the oil.

  52. alfonso

    The perfect service, I had it at home in less than 3 days and best of all the product. I really like this oil

  53. MARTHA

    Oil with good flavor and aroma. It can be used both for salads and for frying. Excellent

  54. Maria Cinta

    We really like this oil, especially because it does not have the bitterness that most oils have. The shipment was very good, everything was correct


    Very good service.

  56. Olalla

    Very fast delivery

  57. Antony

    Good quality and excellent service.
    Very well documented, rigorously and fast in home delivery.
    Price in line with the market.

  58. Jose Manuel

    Olive oil of high quality and different from the ones I have consumed before. I liked it a lot.

  59. Were going

    Very good

  60. embodies

    very good product

  61. Paula

    We like it a lot, hence it is a fixture in our purchase

  62. Maximum

    I like the product very much and it is very good

  63. Diego

    Extraordinary oil and very good attention.
    the soap has been used for years.

  64. juan agustin

    very easy purchase,

  65. Luis Miguel

    The oil is excellent. The delivery service is very good.

  66. Luis Miguel

    The oil is excellent. The delivery service is very good.

  67. Carmen

    Wide range and variety of products, great quality.

  68. Carmen

    Wide range and variety of products, great quality.

  69. embodies

    Nice taste and excellent quality

  70. embodies

    Nice taste and excellent quality

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