Our new season's Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available, made with the first olives of the harvest, limited edition, while supplies last. Our new season's Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available, made with the first olives of the harvest, limited edition, while supplies last. Our new season's Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available, made with the first olives of the harvest, limited edition, while supplies last.
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Olive masters since 1932.
We take care of you inside and out.
Since 1932


The history of La Chinata dates back to 1932, when our ancestors began to mill the olives of our region, the Sierra de Gata. At that time, the oil was obtained from very rudimentary mills. The olives were crushed in stone mills and a paste was obtained, which was then introduced into a press to extract the olive oil. Layers of paste were formed, separated by circular plates known as 'capachos', which were placed in a press, and the olive oil was obtained by pressing. The oil was then decanted to separate the 'alpechín', which is what the water and olive residue used to be called.

Nowadays, we have the most modern milling and pressing systems, which, although they are purely mechanical, can extract much more oil from the olives, in a clean and controlled way, to guarantee the quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In the same way, aware of the growing concern of our customers to consume healthy and natural food, we have been manufacturing a line of high-end products for several years under the brand name La Chinata. These are mainly products made with our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to which we have also added other types of products such as vinegars, honeys, salts, etc.

Likewise, and taking up the ancestral uses that ancient civilisations gave to Olive Oil, we have developed a wide range of cosmetic products based on the natural properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our extensive experience in working with olive oil, now in its fourth generation, has provided us with the necessary knowledge to make the most of the qualities of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a component in cosmetics.

On the other hand, and this time in response to the demands of modern catering, we have been researching the frying process with different oils for many years, and as a result of this exhaustive research, we have launched several vegetable oils for professional use to meet the needs of all types of frying in professional catering and the food industry.




Compañía Oleícola Siglo XXI S.L. is, nowadays, a reference in the Spanish gourmet market, due to our commitment to the development of products derived from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a unique strategy for the moment in the market.


Our key product, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is aimed at the high-end catering market and specialized gourmet shops.


Gourmet and Cosmetic products developed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a main ingredient.


Our intention in the short term is to increase our export volume, consolidating our existing customers and opening up new markets.


We continue to develop the model of exclusive shops, Oleotecas La Chinata, both our own shops and franchises.


We continue to develop our product ranges related to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both in cosmetics and delicatessen products, as well as exploring new market niches.

Our passion


We have an average workforce of around 30 employees and our main activity is the packaging of edible oils. We have an annual turnover of 18.8 million euros and our exports account for approximately 12% of our annual turnover.

Our company currently bottles around 6 million litres of oil (approximately 2.5 million litres of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 3.5 million litres of seed oil). The data are published annually by the Asociación Nacional de Empresas Envasadoras de Aceites Comestibles (ANIERAC), of which we are a member.

About our volume of bottling Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we are among the top ten most importants companies within this sector.

Today, we work regularly with more than 35 countries, most of them European, but also some from America and Asia. On the other hand, our commercial policy focuses on a capillary distribution of the product, always looking for a good location, and avoiding placing ourselves in large shopping centres, which we consider incompatible with our commercial development (especially in the national market).

In short, we are a very dynamic, agile and flexible company, which means that we make decisions very quickly. We are eager for continuous improvement and we learn every day from both our customers and our suppliers, so we believe that we are a good bet for the future for any business partner who is interested to work with us.

Our passion


If you are interested in opening a LA CHINATA franchise or distributing our products, please contact us.

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