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Botella de Condimento de Guindilla
Chilli Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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Chilli Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(30 customer reviews)


250 ml | 21.2 € / 1 l

In stock

La Chinata Chilli Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for those who love intense and spicy flavours.

It is elaborated with our best extra virgin olive oil and a selection of great quality chilli that add great taste and aroma to any kind of dish.

It can also be used in many more dishes but always measuring how much we use, depending on the spiciness we want to add.

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It is specially recommended to eat it cold or at a low temperature, to keep all its properties and aroma, but it is also well with hot dishes, if it used at the end of cooking, as final touch, to prevent it from warming.

Chilli is a great antioxidant and strengthens our defences, it even helps to heal wounds. It also enhances the iron absorption and it has a high content in minerals, including phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, folic acid and beta-carotene

It is a healthy and natural product that will add a great aroma to your dishes.

30 reviews for Condimento de Guindilla

  1. Hydrangea

    spicy and delicious

  2. Francis Michael

    New discovery on our plates

  3. Maria

    It is very rich although I prefer others

  4. Antony

    I would take them all.

  5. Isabel

    Very tasty.

  6. Ana

    Although the product has a correct spiciness, for spiciness lovers it would fall short.

  7. Raquel


  8. GLORY


  9. Ana

    An essential if you want to give a spicy touch to the dish.

  10. gem

    I love it. Of all the chilli oils I've tried, it's the best!! I am addicted to it ??at home we buy them four by four

  11. ANGELS

    High quality and exquisite product

  12. Jose Juan


  13. Javier

    Very good for toast

  14. mila

    I loved

  15. Silvia

    We love it for pizza. It turns it into something suggestive and tasty, especially with a good Italian salami


    We had already tried it and we have repeated it, what else can I say? happy at its right point

  17. Jacoba

    The oil is terrific and that touch, for those who like spiciness, to dance with pleasure.

  18. innocent

    I loved it

  19. zita

    Perfect for pasta with just the right touch of chilli

  20. Maria del Mar

    It gives the dishes the right point of spice, and with toasted bread…great

  21. Raquel

    Chop just right, ideal for pizzas.

  22. Inaki

    I have tried several and it is the only one that hits the perfect touch of spiciness.

  23. Mª Susana

    I had already purchased this type of oil in a physical store and I loved it. By adding a paste, it would improve the stopper since, if care is not taken when pouring the oil, the chili peppers will come out and they must be removed from the salad or food on which the oil is poured.

  24. Ana Mª

    With that chili pepper itch. Extraordinary

  25. José

    Perfect for salads with garlic and eels

  26. He goes

    Quick and easy spicy touch

  27. loving

    Better adding garlic.

  28. Paula

    What I expected, itches that peels and I love it

  29. thanks

    A great find. We love this oil, I use it especially to add a touch to pizzas. Very rich!

  30. thanks

    A great find. We love this oil, I use it especially to add a touch to pizzas. Very rich!

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Extra virgin olive oil (97%), dehydrated pepper (2%), natural aroma.

Nutrition Facts per 100g: Calories 3404KJ/828 KCal, Total fat 92g, Saturated fat 13g, Carbohydrates 0g, Sugar 0g, Dietary Fibre 0g, Protein 0g, Salt 0g.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from light and heat sources.

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