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Paquete de Regañás Rústicas con Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra
Rustic Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil



In stock

Rustic Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(40 customer reviews)


150g | €16 / 1kg

In stock

Rustic 'Regañás' are crunchy flat bread of our gourmet bakery line, made with EVOO from our own crops.

They are easy to preserve, and so they are the perfect product to keep at home.

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40 reviews for Regañás Rústicas con Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

  1. Ana Belen

    It's different than usual.

  2. Carmen

    I recommend always asking for them

  3. Carmen

    The best I've tried. Plus they are big

  4. Antonia

    Crispy and tasty, they are ideal to accompany the different pâtés.

  5. Ana

    Delicious to eat alone or with cheeses, guacamole, sobrasada...

  6. Jesus

    It is a kind of artisan cracker, very light and appropriate to taste with cream cheese or pâtés.

  7. Idoia

    It is a perfect appetizer for a snack

  8. WHITE

    Very versatile (even alone), with healthy ingredients and for all kinds of dips.

  9. WHITE

    Very versatile (even alone), with healthy ingredients and for all kinds of dips.

  10. Martha

    I love it, especially the wrinkled ones.
    My favorites

  11. Yolanda

    we love them very crunchy

  12. Martha

    It is the second time that I ask for them and they are a vice

  13. Martha

    You have no idea how delicious they are, perfect to accompany humus

  14. Yolanda


  15. WHITE

    Very good composition, texture and flavor.

  16. Marilo

    They are a base…delicious.

  17. Lidia

    They are crunchy, have a great flavor and are not indigestible. Perfect to combine with vegetable creams, for example, the cream of peppers and chilli

  18. Angela

    little quantity

  19. antonio jose

    They are the perfect complement to taste the two types of black pudding that I bought, they have no comparison with those that can usually be found in supermarkets. The price may be a little overpriced, but the quality makes up for it.

  20. Jessica

    perfect for cream cheese. The problem is that by transport few arrive whole

  21. Marilo

    They are a luxury for a whim

  22. Marilo

    Great as a base for a treat

  23. SERGIO

    To accompany. Essential.

  24. Maria

    At home we devour them, both sweet and salty and without any fat

  25. PIGEON


  26. Juan Antonio

    Although the product is good, and the level of roasting is better, the flavor does not stand out excessively.


    Olive oil flavor and very crunchy

  28. Cease

    Definitely impossible to find the same

  29. Lidia

    They are the richest scolding I've ever tried, they are not greasy or heavy, ideal for spreads.

  30. Martha

    I bought this product because I am from Seville and I wanted it. The pity is that it is a delicate product and although it came very well protected in the box, they arrived half broken and that means that the product loses points when presented on the table”. Very rich flavor. Crunchy texture. Somewhat expensive for the size. “

  31. OLALLA

    Perfect texture and thickness for pâtés and cream cheeses

  32. Sunrise

    Very good, just as we expected.


    Excellent quality. Ideal for appetizers, in combination with creams, when you have guests.

  34. Jose Ramon

    Very rich with the pates

  35. Martha Maria

    Ideal for snacking with creams and pates

  36. Purification


  37. gem

    There is a good quality price relation

  38. gem

    There is a good quality price relation

  39. Luis

    very fine… unmatched texture.

  40. Luis

    very fine… unmatched texture.

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Wheat flour (90%), water, yeast, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil (0.5%). It contains gluten.

Nutrition Facts per 100g: Calories 625,3 kJ/149,6 kcal , Total fat 0,15g, Saturated fat 0,04g, Carbohydrates 29,72g, Sugar 29,72g, Protein 9,2g, Salt 0,75g.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from light and heat sources. Once opened, consume within 14 days.

How to use

The Rustic Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil have a light toasted flavor to which is added the fresh touch of EVOO.

This makes it the ideal product to accompany our wide variety of meat and seafood pâtés, as well as our range of cheese creams, our line of vegetable and fruit jams.

You can also try the Rustic Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil with our dishes prepared from Asturian “Fabada” Bean Stew with EVOO, our Oxtail Stew 'Córdoba Style' with EVOO and our Tripe Madrid Style with EVOO, as well as for sausages and salads.

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