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Whole Natural Tomato ‘Sabor Verato’



Whole Natural Tomato ‘Sabor Verato’


540 g | 5.37 € / 1 kg
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Tomato and Salt: these are the two ingredients of this delicacy which you can enjoy all year around as if it was just harvested. It has an unmatched flavour and it is a basic in the kitchen. It shall not be lacking in your pantry!

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100% organic 

It is a 100% organic tomato sauce as only fresh free-of-colorants, free-of-conservatives and free-of-artificial-flavours products are used.

100% Vegan

It does not use any animal-based ingredients.

Premium quality

Only seasonal, locally and traditionally produced food is used.


It is gluten-free.

The region of La Vera

Sabor Verato is a Extremaduran firm created in 2010 with the aim of carrying out a traditional project, recovering the values of the traditional, natural, eco-friendy and healthy cuisine. It promotes a more conscious and local consumption.

From the region of La Vera, in Cáceres, Spain, Sabor Verato benefits from this area’s excellent goods and advocates local development.


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Tomato, salt.

Nutrition Facts per 100g of product: Calories 82kJ/ 19,6kcal, Total Fat <0,1g, Saturated fat 0g, Carbohydrates 4,51g, Sugar 4,51g, Proteins 1,10g, Salt 0,5g.

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