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Villa Noble Goat Cheese with Paprika

Villa Noble Goat Cheese with Paprika

400 g | 0 € / 1 kg

Goat cheese is one of the leading cheese in Extremadura. This Matured Goat Cheese with Paprika is made with pasteurised milk from the Retinta goat breed, with pressed paste cheese and enzymatic coagulation.

A distinctive feature of Extremaduran goat cheese is its rind. The rind is covered with paprika or has an orangey colour caused by yeast growth. The rind is thin and has an intense smell, with a compact white or ivory-coloured texture and a flavour of goat milk, yeast, paprika and very little salt.

It is a fatty cheese with a goat milk, yeast and paprika flavour and a salty touch.

It combines well with salads, pastas, pizzas and gratins. It melts very well in the oven and can be mixed with sweet flavours, jams, caramelised onions, etc.

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Pasteurised goat milk, rennet, hardener (calcium chloride), starter cultures, salt, paprika

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