Vara y Pulgar

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14,90  IVA incluido

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Vara y Pulgar

750 ml | 19.87 € / 1 l

14,90  IVA incluido

Hay existencias

Vara y Pulgar red wine is a single-variety Tintilla de Rota that comes from Cadiz albariza soils. It belongs to Compañía de Vinos del Atlántico winery, which was founded in 2002 to continue the family winemaking tradition of Alberto Orte (a pioneer in recovering this variety) and Patrick Mata, its founders.

The uniqueness of its terroir brings a special minerality and salinity to the wine, to which are added its aromas of blackberries, chocolate and liquorice.

With an opaque ruby colour, the wine is dominated by aromas of black fruits with smoky and mineral touches and confited flowers with an herbal touch.

On the palate, it is juicy and concentrated, with flavours of young blackberry, sour cherry and violet candy, becoming sweeter as the wine is opened. The hints of red fruits and flowers linger on the aftertaste, which is also spicy and long, giving shape to the soft tannins.

It pairs very well with meats, sausages, pasta and legumes.

Serving temperature is 16 ºC.

Operador de la empresa alimentaria: Compañía Oleícola Siglo XXI, S.L. | Avenida de Alemania, 9 - 10600 Plasencia - España

Fact sheet

Winery: Atlantic Wine Company
Brand: Vara y Pulgar
Designation: PGI Cadiz
Type: Red wine
Vintage: 2018
Alcohol: 13,5%
Type of grapes: 100% Tintilla de Rota
Time of ageing: in 1,000-itre concrete deposits and 4,000-litre wooden casks for 12 months.

Vineyard and elaboration

The grapes come from two smallholdings located in Jerez and Puerto de Santa María in the foothills of the hillsides.

The soil is albariza with an initial organic layer and grape harvesting is manual and done at night, so that the grapes arrive as fresh as possible at the winery.

Regarding its vinification, grapes are vatted in uncovered concrete deposits and stainless steel tanks, where they macerate and ferment for 28 days. Then wine is pressed and starts to age.

It ages for a total of 20 months. First it is placed in 1,000-litre concrete vats and then in a 4,000-litre wooden vats where it ages for 12 months. It is then placed in French oak barrels (used three or four times) where it stays for another 8 months.


The Compañía de Vinos del Atlántico winery was founded in 2002 to continue the family winemaking tradition of Alberto Orte (pioneer in recovering this variety) and Patrick Mata, its founders. Both families have been producing wine independently throughout Spain since the late 1800s.

Today, they produce wine in 18 different designations within the Iberian Peninsula.

Their main aim is to produce handcrafted wines that express the identity of their place of origin.


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It contains sulfites.

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