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Caja de Cerezas del Valle del Jerte Calibre +28 Caja de 2.5kg
Valle del Jerte Cherries +28 diameter 2.5-kg Box

Valle del Jerte Cherries +28 diameter 2.5-kg Box

2.5 kg | 0 € / 1 kg

Now you can buy Valle del Jerte’s best cherries, mainly allocated to exports. You won’t find these at the fruit shop or supermarket.

Cherries are seasonal fruit. They have made Valle del Jerte famous on their own, for both cherry blossom and their unmistakable flavour.

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The Valle del Jerte cherries we offer are the highest quality ones, as +28 diameter is the widest of all harvests and most of them are allocated to exports. We want you to enjoy this fruit as we know it won’t fail to move you.

They have a small pit and they are fleshy dut to their diameter (of more than 28 mm). They have an intense sweet flavour with an acid touch. Once you eat one, you won’t stop!

About shipping

Orders that include cherries are shipped on Mondays and Wednesdays. We want you to receive your cherries as fresh as possible yet we want them to ripe on the tree.

Cherries are picked from the tree the same day they are shipped, so it will take 24-48 hours from the time they are picked until you receive them at home.

Orders placed before Sunday at 18:00 are shipped on Monday and received on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Orders placed before Tuesday at 18:00 are shipped on Wednesday and received on Thursday or Friday.


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