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Reasons to always have La Chinata Miraculous Oil

Miracle Oil has revolutionized cosmetics. And it is that, we are very used to applying a product for each need, but as far as hydration and frizz are concerned, with a single product you can deal with them, hence having a Miracle Oil always at hand is a great option to have among your daily routine basics.

Aceite Milagroso La Chinata

Especially for those who love those multi-application off-road products, the La Chinata Miraculous Oil is a multifunctional elixir formulated based on a concentrate of premium quality essential oils and EVOO from our harvest, the result of which is an oil that deeply nourishes and can be applied to body, face and hair. In addition, they leave a resplendent appearance, without leaving residues and quickly absorbed, which also offers firming and antioxidant properties thanks to its formula with tepescohuite and immortelle.

Its applications are very varied. On the one hand, it can be applied on the body in areas that we have especially dry to give it a hydration boost and repair dryness. It is also very good for hands and nails, and especially with changes in temperature, when it suffers more, or even spray with a few drops in the bathroom.

In the same way, it is a product that can be applied to the face. If you have very dry skin you can apply it directly and if you have mixed skin, it is preferable to mix a few drops in the moisturizer, both during the day and at night, and thus enhance its effects with extra nutrition and softness. You can also mix a few drops with makeup, since it leaves a more natural appearance.

As it does not leave a greasy residue, it can also be apply to wet ends of hair as a serum and do not lighten, and you will notice it softer and brighter. Even for him, you can apply it to your beard to soften it and give it a healthier, more groomed look. can also be used as a mask when we notice especially dry and damaged hair. In this case, apply more of the medium to the ends, leave it on for ten minutes and then wash your hair.

These are some of the uses that are recommended with the La Chinata Miraculous Oil, hence It can be a great ally for traveling, since with a single product we have several beauty routines covered.

However, I'm sure you can think of many more. If so, tell us in our RRSS with the hashtag #Miraculous OilLaChinataWe are looking forward to hearing new suggestions!

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