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Perrunillas: confectionery with history

We review the traditional Extremaduran recipes

Extremadura confectionery reflects the great values of traditional cuisine and treasures a great recipe book such as floretas (with Honey or sugar), the Pancakes, the perrunillas, the white hair and pestiños (also from Honey or sugar). All made with traditional ingredients and with recipes that have been preserved over the years.

And these delicacies could not be left alone here and we wanted to share them with you, which is why we have added this entire selection of sweets to our catalog of products.

A very sweet tradition

María Jesús Fajardo is the master pastry chef, the third generation of her family in this trade, who makes these typical Extremaduran sweets with great care from her workshop in Jaraíz de la Vera, a town in the province of Cáceres.

pueblo extremeño

She uses the family's ancestral recipe and uses top quality ingredients. In addition, she is well known in the area because she goes from market to market with her kitchen on her back to make her typical Extremaduran sweets live. In this way, he shows how these sweets of great culinary tradition in the region are made.

Perrunillas with Paprika

And as if that were not enough, in this selection we found a very novel combination that was worth mentioning because it combines two products of great importance in our region, such as perrunillas and paprika. In this way, the pastry chef has created some Perrunillas with Paprika, which gives it a spicy and smoky touch that makes them irresistible.

Perrunillas con pimentón
Perrunillas with Paprika

Therefore, from now on, do not be surprised to see perrunillas, reeds, pancakes and florets in our online store. And remember that if you are more of buying in your neighborhood store, you can also get them on order in your La Chinata Oil Library closest.

Wait! We also have Perrunillas with EVOO, a completely homemade preparation and in which we use only fresh ingredients. And also, did you know that you can make recipes with them? Yes, as you hear it. If you click on the following link, we give you an idea.

Tell us

Do you like the sweets that we have told you about? Tell us in comments or through social networks what you think and if you are going to dare to try them one of these days.

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