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Botella de Condimento de Trufa
Truffle Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Truffle Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil

250 ml | 0 € / 1 l

La Chinata Truffle flavoured extra virgin olive oil is made with the best La Chinata extra virgin olive oil together with a selection of the best black truffle “Tuber Aestmum Vittad”, characterised by its peculiar and aromatic aroma and its extremely pleasant taste. It has a sweet nuance and is ideal for plenty of recipes and widely used in haute cuisine, thanks to its characteristic flavour and its delicate and penetrating aroma, bringing a unique experience to the palate.

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The Tuber Aestmum Vittad variety is also known as the summer truffle. It has a black or black with brownish colour and somewhat shiny reflections and its size can be up to 7mm.

This small fungus, which lives on the roots of some trees, mainly holm oaks and oaks, has a great gastronomic value and a high fibre content, as well as being a source of iron and potassium.

Regarding its pairing, it is perfect with red wine and can be used in plenty of red meats, eggs, pasta, sauces, pizzas, risottos, vegetables, potatoes and foie recipes.


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Extra virgin olive oil (98%), dried truffle “Tuber aestivum Vittad”(0,5%), aroma.


Nutrition Facts per 100g: Calories 3404 kJ/828 kcal, Total fat 92g, Saturated fat 13g, Carbohydrates 0g, Sugar 0g, Dietary Fibre 0g, Proteins 0g, Salt 0g


Store in a cold and dry place. Keep away from direct light.

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