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Trasantier Piñuelo Red wine


750 ml | 11.73 € / 1 l

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The white wine Trasantier Verdejo Serrana is made from grapes coming from historic vineyards with granitic and sandy soil in front of the medieval castle of Trevejo in the district of Villamiel (Cáceres), in the heart of Sierra de Gata and located at 800 metres above sea level. If ‘antier’ is ‘the day before yesterday’, ‘Trasantier’ is a day before that one, a return to the family’ past in the Sierra de Gata, a past of historic vineyards, of small plots of granitic soils surrounded by stone fences.

The main grape varieties used are the local Piñuelo, Rufete and other varieties. Piñuelo in particular is the most relevant variety in this part of Sierra, which is apparently a variety of Garnacha (or so it is believed), very well adapted in any case to these mountain soils. This wine is slightly opaque, with a bright maroon red colour and on the nose it reminds us of red fruit, wild berries and has a vegetal touch. On the palate it is fresh and balanced, very fruity, with a prevalence of strawberries and raspberries, with a sweet aftertaste.


Fact sheet

Winery: Viñedos Históricos Sierra de Gata
Brand: Trasantier
Type: Red wine
Vintage: 2019
Alcohol: 12,50%
Type of grapes: Piñuelo, Rufete and other varieties.
Time of ageing: fermentation in concrete deposits and maceration for 2 weeks.

Vineyard and elaboration

The winemaking process is based on a manually harvested grapes. Vinification is carried out in concrete tanks with skin maceration, leaving the grape juice in contact with the skins to try to show the full potential of the Serrano grapes in the wine. Regarding the vineyards, there is an assortment of red varieties whose blending is already done in the vineyard, as tradition has it. The most relevant variety in this region is known as Piñuelo, a variety of Garnacha, which adapts very well to the soils of Sierra after a long evolution process.

The vineyards in Sierra are cultivated on slopes and terraces, forming a very peculiar landscape, taking up space in the hills, like a Roman amphitheatre. Historic vineyards that produce pure, fresh, fragrant, vertical mountain wines, where the vines are still grown with absolute respect for the environment.

Small plots, old vineyards, knowledge and respect for the winegrower, simplicity and minimum intervention, a reflection of the character of the people. The vineyard also includes olive trees and fruit trees from small plots such as oak, chestnut, rockrose, heather and figwort, which add their character to the final result, a Serrano wine with a strong personality.


The grapes are treated in the winery by Jesús Recuero with the same respect, simplicity, sustainability and minimal intervention, with the idea that the Sierra de Gata will once again regain the prestige that its wines had 'antier' (the day before yesterday) and 'trasantier' (two days before yesterday).


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