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Torta del Casar Cheese PDO Virgen del Prado


350 g | 28.14 € / 1 kg

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REFRIGERATED SHIPMENT: Available in Mainland Spain for 10€
Gratis para pedidos superiores a 50€

Would you like to try the third best cheese in the world? Torta del Casar Cheese with PDO Virgen del Prado has a unique, intense, barely salty and slightly bitter flavour, typical of this cheese.

Torta del Casar Cheese with PDO Virgen del Prado is a natural cheese, made in a traditional way with raw Merino sheep cheese, vegetable rennet and salt.

It is made in Doña Francisca cheese factory, a family artisan and young business from Casar de Cáceres, in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura.


The rind is semi-hard and has a uniform, ochre colour with no colouring additives. It may have small cracks on its surface. Inside, the cheese has a soft or very soft texture, with a white to yellowish colour, and may have rounded holes typical of the ripening process distributed throughout each cut. Its texture is its distinctive quality, with a great creaminess that melts on the palate.

This Extremaduran delicacy with Protected Designation of Origin was awarded with the third place of the best cheese in the world by gastronomic experts at the 32nd edition of the World Cheese Awards, held in Bergamo (Italy).


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Raw Merino sheep's milk, vegetable rennet (Cynara Cardunculus), salt.


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