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Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

The cook from Cáceres Fernando Luis Mateos He shows us an easy method to always have tomatoes ready and dry-preserved, “Italian style”, through his blog La Cocina de Fer y Amigos. After drying the small-sized tomatoes are introduced into "a jar or lunch box; we add a little salt and oregano, which is what I am going to add, there are people who add fresh thyme; we cover them with olive oil; We close the jar or lunch box well, and leave it for a few days so that they take on the flavor of the oil and oregano and are ready to serve them in our salads, spaghetti, pizzas, etc.”. As always, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, like that of La Chinata, plays a fundamental role, the higher the quality, the better the conservation of the product and the better the flavor of the final product.

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