Tentenublo White Wine

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14,90  IVA incluido

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Tentenublo White Wine

750 ml | 19.87 € / 1 l

14,90  IVA incluido

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From Tentenublo Wines in the small town of Viñaspre, in the province of Álava, comes this white wine from La Rioja made in a traditional and organic way.

Tentenublo refers to the ancient ringing of bells that used to chase away hail clouds in the villages of La Rioja, which used to cause a serious damage to the vineyards in the area.

It is straw yellow in appearance. On the nose, it is subtle with white fruit and citrus aromas, and floral notes and mineral background. It is unctuous and complex on the palate, with an elegant character and just the right amount of acidity.

Optimum serving temperature is between 10 and 12 degrees.

Operador de la empresa alimentaria: Compañía Oleícola Siglo XXI, S.L. | Avenida de Alemania, 9 - 10600 Plasencia - España

Fact sheet

Winery: Tentenublo
Brand: Tentenublo Wines
Designation: Ca. Rioja
Type: White wine
Vintage: 2019
Alcohol: 14,5%
Type of grapes: Malvasía, Viura
Time of ageing: 5 months in Hungarian oak barrels
Viticulture: Organic

Vineyard and elaboration

From old vineyards planted on sandy and marl soils at around 600 meters above sea level and influenced by the Mediterranean and Atlantic climates characteristics, come malvasía and viura types of grapes that develop this white Riojan wine.

Wine harvesting is handmade, which guarantees the bunches' good quality. Once in the winery, grapes are pressed by hand with a vertical press in order to obtain grape juice that ferments later in new 300-to-500-liter Hungarian oak barrels, where wine sits on its lees for 5 months.

Tentenublo winery

Tentenublo is a leap to a new generation of Riojan wine producers. This winery is created by viticulturist and oenologist Roberto Oliván, who elaborates artisanal terroir wines with a strong personality from the little town of Viñaspe.

In 2011, Roberto takes the reins of his mother’s old winery in Lanciego and starts to produce wines following the traditional methods of La Rioja yet giving them a more modern touch, looking for more freshness and with less prevalence of the wood.

The winery has almost 10 hectares of family vineyards, to which some newly purchased ones located between Lanciego and Viñaspe, at the very heart of La Rioja Alavesa, are added.


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It contains sulfites..

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