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Tejas de Almendra con AOVE
Almond Tiles with Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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Almond Tiles with Extra Virgin Olive Oil


140 g | 40 € / 1 kg

In stock

We love traditional sweets because they bring back good memories, like these Almond Tiles with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

They are made with basic ingredients such as flour, EVOO and almonds, following the traditional method.

This fine, crunchy and sweet snack is the perfect combination for our Olive Leaf Infusions or our Juice of Aloe Vera, Olive Leaf, Ginger and Maca..

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Egg white, sugar, wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil (18%), almond flour, almond. May contain traces of milk, penaut, soya, sesame.

Nutrition facts per 100g: Calories 1638 kJ/521 kcal, Total Fat 32g (Saturated Fat 7g), Carbohydrate 51g (Sugars 38g), Dietary Fibre 1,2g, Protein 10g, Salt 0,42g.

Store in a cool and dry place, Keep away from light and heat sources.

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