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Gourmet Galician octopus tapa by Chef Sergio Fernández and La Chinata products

The new proposalPotatoes stuffed with Galician Octopus Pate”

The Creative Cooking contest will last until mid-September


Galician octopus tapa, after the month of Olives and the range of Honeys, La Chinata through the collaboration with the renowned Madrid Chef Sergio Fernandez, launches a new gastronomic creation that has been inspired by the Octopus & Paprika Pâté. The renowned chef surprises us, this time, with a succulent bite of "Potatoes stuffed with Galician Octopus Pate”, For the preparation of which, in addition to the Pate, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and paprika salt have also been used.

Through the official blog of La Chinata you can access the details of the video montage of a simple recipe with which to surprise those closest to you with a tasty and very easy to prepare tapa:

The recipe:

Potatoes stuffed with Galician octopus pâté, extra virgin olive oil and La Chinata paprika salt


1 bottle of Galician octopus pate THE CHINESE,
1 bottle of LA CHINATA extra virgin olive oil,
salt paprika flakes LA CHINATA,
1 jar of olive and ginger pate
Small boiled potatoes.


Once the potatoes are cooked, with the skin, make a hole in the potato with an emptying spoon, or simply with a knife.

Fill this hole with the Galician octopus pate LA CHINATA with a sleeve or with the help of a teaspoon.

Finish with a good splash of EVOO LA CHINATA, and with the salt flakes of paprika from the vera LA CHINATA, decorate and accompany with the LA CHINATA olive and ginger pate.

They can also be filled with any other type of LA CHINATA pâté, and accompanied with any LA CHINATA sauce, brava, alioli, romesco, etc.

Photographic material:

Creative Cuisine – Summer Season of Patés

Until the middle of next September, the protagonist of our Creative Cooking contest will be the Range of Pâtés, in an initiative with which the company from Extremadura wants to give the opportunity to all customers, users, cooking blogs and any cook that chooses to unleash their creativity through a creative cooking contest.

To participate it is necessary to send a recipe based on at least one product of La Chinata and will have to be sent to the headquarters through the following email address [email protected], with photos in high resolution and details for its elaboration. The recipes will be published on our official blog and at the end of September a winner will be proclaimed, based on various parameters such as originality, presentation, most authentic flavour, etc., who will obtain a Box of Seasoning No. 1 as a prize for their imagination and commitment, valued at more than €25.

From La Chinata we encourage all the fans of the kitchen to present us with their idea and make it known to our customers around the world. This is the month of the pates. We look forward to your creations based on this exquisite product, in any of our 17 references, such as the Patés del Mar range, the Boletus and Truffle Pate, the Olive and Tomato Pate, etc.

The promotion has the particular participation of a renowned chef from Madrid, Sergio Fernández, who will delight us with a new proposal every month: an unprecedented recipe, created by himself, to give our dishes a touch of haute cuisine. A luxury for our palates.

The rules of the contest available on the official blog:

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