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Olive Wooden board without Handle



In stock

Olive Wooden board without Handle



In stock

The olive tree, this millenary tree, is the alma mater of La Chinata. From it we extract our precious olives from which we get the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From its leaves we extract Olive leaf extract for our cosmetics and we also add it to our infusions. Its aroma is even the scent of our air fresheners. Olive stones are the best exfoliant for our cosmetics and now we take advantage of their wood to launch the best homeware.

This rustic board with handle is made with olive wood and its bark. It is treated with olive oil and natural beeswax. It is perfect for cutting, plating sausages and cheese, chopping meat…

It is very resistant and its measures are 35/40 cm long x 20/25 cm wide x 1,5 cm thick approximately.

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How to preserve olive kitchenware?

For the correct preservation and maintenance of this and any utensil made with olive wood, we recommend the following:

  • Do not put in the dishwasher: this appliance, although very useful and effective, can damage and shorten the life of the product. In addition, it takes away the shine from our kitchenware made with olive wood.
  • Hand wash with your usual detergent: this way we will ensure that special care is given and the material is not "mistreated".
  • Do not store in a humid environment: remember that it is wood and this, as any organic material, can give rise to the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Let dry completely: placing utensils upright and letting them air dry is the best way to end the cleaning process.
  • Hydrate the wood with oil: after washing, the wood acquires a whitish tone due to dehydration. For this reason, it is necessary to spread the utensils with olive oil and let it absorb so that it recovers its shine and natural colours.


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