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Cherries Antioxidant Smoothie with La Chinata Chocolate Cream

Do you want to cool down but are fed up with carbonated or unhealthy drinks? We propose you an Antioxidant Smoothie of Fresh Cherries and Chocolate Cream with EVOO and La Chinata Flower of Salt, accompanied by a touch of Cherry Jam with Ginger and Mint, it will leave you speechless!

smoothie antioxidante

If you want to try it, take note because it is very easy and very nutritious. In addition, we love to use seasonal products such as cherries, as well as healthy products, such as the Chocolate Cream with EVOO and Flor de Sal, which does not have Palm Oil like most cocoa creams on the market and also does not have lactose. , so it is suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. So, put on the apron that we started…

INGREDIENTS (For one person)

smoothie antioxidante


Place the pitted cherries in a blender and add the tablespoons of La Chinata Chocolate Cream with EVOO and Flor de Sal, the two tablespoons of La Chinata Cherry Jam with Ginger and Mint, a drizzle of La Chinata Extra Virgin Olive Oil and several fresh rosemary leaves and we beat it all. Once finished it will be ready to drink and if we like it more or less sweet we can add a touch of salt or a little more jam or chocolate, depending on taste.


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