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Add rhythm to your dishes with this selection of La Chinata gourmet sauces

Sauces are great allies in the kitchen to accompany all kinds of products, from meat and fish to vegetables or appetizers of all kinds. A sauce helps to flavor any traditional dish and is a must in the pantry. Also, if we combine the most traditional sauces with something a little more exquisite such as a bit of Truffle Carpaccio in EVOO or EVOO Pearls, the result is spectacular.

salsas La Chinata

For this reason, let's see below a selection of sauces that we recommend always having on hand for any emergency or to have on hand for any occasion and we will reveal what their best combinations are... take note!

Truffle sauce 

Once you try a risotto with a touch of this Truffled Sauce you will not be able to imagine any other risotto without it. It is a creamy combination of truffle, mushrooms and EVOO La Chinata that presents an intense, aromatic and very tasty flavor.

Recommendation: Rice, fresh pasta, meats such as sirloin and cheeks and vegetables.


Alioli sauce with EVOO

A classic of traditional gastronomy, the Alioli sauce, which La Chinata proposes made with EVOO, as well as other natural ingredients such as garlic and natural squeezed lemon juice. The result is the authentic sauce of great tradition in Mediterranean gastronomy with an intense and very creamy flavor.

Recommendation: Ideal to accompany fish, shellfish, meat, grilled vegetables, as well as potatoes and paella.

Salsa Alioli La Chinata

Mustard With Black Olives 

La Chinata mustard with black olives combines the most authentic flavor of mustard with one of our gastronomic jewels of the Mediterranean diet, olives, in this case black. It is a sauce with an intense flavor and a slight spicy touch that characterizes the mustard, to which is added a touch of freshness and intensity from the olives.

Recommendation: To accompany meat, to dress salads or to give a creamy texture to vegetables, sandwiches and gourmet sandwiches. In addition, it can be combined with La Chinata Ketchup to create a perfect, healthy and exquisite pairing.


Truffle Mayonnaise with Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

In Chinata's pantry you will also find the classic Mayonnaise, but with Truffle and EVOO. A delicious combination made with an emulsion of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a selection of the best truffles, which have resulted in a smooth, tasty and high-quality mayonnaise with an exquisite truffle flavor.

Recommendation: Ideal accompaniment for meat, fish and vegetables, as well as sandwiches, hamburgers and tapas.


Ketchup with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Chinata also has a version of the popular Ketchup, but made with EVOO. In this case, we wanted to give this famous sauce a more natural and healthy character with a recipe based on high-quality ingredients, with the best tomatoes to give it a unique flavor and seasoned with a selection of spices to give it an exceptional flavor.

Recommendation: To accompany meat, vegetables and potatoes. It also pairs very well with La Chinata Mustard in sandwiches and sandwiches to give it a slightly spicy and fresh touch thanks to its combination with exquisite black olives.


Pesto alla Genovese

Among the sauces, this is probably one of the most nutritious and healthy since it is made with the traditional Italian recipe due to its content based on vegetables, nuts and EVOO. It is characterized for being a great source of high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and its ingredients are based on Genovese basil, EVOO, pine nuts, cashew nuts, cheese, garlic and salt.

Recommendation: Any pasta dish as well as to accompany meat, fish or vegetable dishes.



This sauce is a tribute to the typical sauce from Tarragona with a traditional-style recipe based on a selection of top-quality natural products, including hazelnuts, chorizo peppers, fresh garlic, tomatoes, paprika, almonds, a selection of fresh spices and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Recommendation: Tempura vegetable dishes, fish, meat, calçots and rice dishes.

Salsa romesco

Brave sauce

La Chinata Brava Sauce is a delicious combination of the most traditional flavor of this exquisite recipe of Spanish gastronomy with a preparation based on top quality products in which Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not lacking.

It is made with typical Mediterranean cuisine products such as garlic, a little lemon juice, a pinch of salt and fresh parsley along with other spices, and the result is a gourmet sauce with a very fine and creamy texture and a delicious flavor that leaves a slight spicy and smoky touch in the mouth.

Recommendation: Gourmet patatas bravas dish, as well as for meat and vegetables and even for pasta dishes.



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