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Beauty Secrets with EVOO nº30: Show off your smile with La Chinata Toothpaste

The La Chinata Toothpaste it provides healthy teeth, strong gums and good breath, ideal for the daily care of our teeth, and which not only helps us to look good, but also to achieve general well-being.

We have wanted to make our own version with the properties of the Olive Leaf Extract. 

toothpaste formula

Its formula also contains calcium, fluoride, aloe vera, essential oil of mint and olive oil among other assets. And it is perfect for taking care of your oral health in a simple way with ingredients that eliminate bacterial plaque, avoiding the appearance of cavities and thus taking care of your teeth and gums.

We explain it to you in detail in our #SecretsofBeautywithEVOO nº30 of our channel Youtube, hit play!

Complete your routine with mouthwash

And if you want to complete the routine, finish with the La Chinata Mouthwash, you will love the result!

Remember that if you want to protect them, in addition to choosing the right products, it is important to brush them at least three times a day, apply mouthwash daily afterwards, control the intake of sugary products and visit the dentist regularly.

In this way, take care of your mouth every day and smile at life!

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