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Beauty secrets for hair care

To show off healthy and shiny hair it is essential to maintain daily hair care. Eternal factors, such as stress or our diet, directly influence its appearance, and taking care of it To show off your hair, it is essential to take care of it with the right products according to our hair type, it will help us to look strong, healthy and shiny.

cuidado del cabello

Next we will see some secrets and we reveal some of the most frequent doubts about hair care.

For example, does cutting the tips accelerate growth? Well no, it's just a myth, although the truth is that it does help to cleanse your hair and make it look better. The root is responsible for hair growth and is not stimulated by cutting the hair, but keeping it healthy is important and for this a periodic end trim is necessary.

Also you have to differentiate if you wear short or long hair. In the case of long hair, it is necessary to maintain extra hair care, since that hair has not regenerated for a longer time and has been subjected to more external factors (sun exposure, sea salt, pool chemicals), while Those people with short hair renew the hair fiber more often.

Treatments according to hair type

Revitalize men's hair and prevent baldness

For men, La Chinata has a Revitalizing Shampoo for Men, which is formulated based on thermal waters, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olive leaf extract. In addition, it has natural extracts of sugar cane, apple, lemon and tea, which repair hair in depth by stimulating the production of collagen, which provides effective hair care, more resistant hair and a decrease in hair loss.

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Damaged or dyed manes

For the most damaged hair or dyed hair, we propose our Soft Shampoo Natural Edition. Returns its natural shine and strengthens it thanks to pro-vitamin B5, which retains moisture inside the hair, preventing dryness and brittleness. It also contains silk hydrolyzate and hydrokeratin, which facilitate combing and reduces frizz, also providing greater elasticity to the hair and thus preventing breakage. And for a complete treatment, accompany it with the Condition Natural Edition for a better result.

In addition, for damaged or dry hair, you can give extra hydration by applying the La Chinata Hair Regenerating Serum with organic EVOO and nuex de inchi, for immediate results.

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All types of hair

And for all types of hair, the La Chinata classic line shampoo It is formulated to take care of the hair based on components that soften and hydrate the hair. Its formula, with surfactants derived from EVOO, cleanses the hair and leaves it looking shiny, healthy and silky.

For a complete and most effective treatment, it is recommended to apply the La Chinata Conditioner.

repair hair

To repair our hair after sun exposure or simply to keep it healthy, we recommend the Moisturizing Recovery Hair Mask, made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, hydrolyzed silk, olive extract, fruit vinegars and thermal waters. Compound that hydrates, nourishes and repairs the hair in depth from the roots to the ends, obtaining visible results immediately.cuidado del cabello

So, if you have proposed to show off your hair, take note of these proposals and choose the products that best suit your needs. This season, look radiant and healthy hair!




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