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Scrub Sponge with Olive Stones

Scrub Sponge with Olive Stones

50 g | 0 € / 100 g

La Chinata Scrub Sponge with Olive Stones is the perfect accessory to remove all dead skin cells that clog pores and with which your skin will breath better.

Scrub sponges are an essential accessory to improve the appearance of the skin, as they are used to remove dead cells and prevent them from accumulating. To do this, it is necessary to scrub, although sometimes sponges do not scrub enough or they rather irritate the skin.

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La Chinata Scrub Sponge has crushed olive stones that gently remove impurities without scratching the skin, leaving a clean, renewed and soft appearance, free of excess sebum. It also improves blood circulation and facilitates the absorption of subsequent treatments.

To use correctly, apply with gentle circular movements on the skin, insisting on rough areas such as elbows, knees and heels. After drying, spread our La Chinata Body Milk Natural Edition to achieve greater softness and extend the feeling of well-being. Use two to three times a week.


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