Barbeque Sauce with Paprika, Black Olive and Orange

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3,15  IVA incluido

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Barbeque Sauce with Paprika, Black Olive and Orange

250 g | 12.6 € / 1 kg

3,15  IVA incluido

Hay existencias

Do you dare to give a different touch to your recipes? The Barbeque Sauce with Smoked Paprika, Black Olives and Orange from Valle Coronado will become your best ally. We combine the best fresh ingredients to obtain a delicious sauce that will not leave anyone indifferent.

For your pizzas, meat, marinades,… it's up to you! You can include it in your favourite recipes or experiment and discover new and surprising flavours.


This Barbeque Sauce with Smoked Paprika, Black Olives and Orange is made from ripe tomatoes, brown sugar and a touch of wine vinegar. It combines perfectly with the intense flavour of smoked paprika and the fruity notes of olive black. In addition, its slightly citrus aroma from the orange balances all the flavours, you will love it!

With this combination of ingredients we manage to create a sauce that stands out for its freshness, and balanced yet intense flavour and aromas, perfect to include in your favourite recipes.

You can use it as a base for your pizzas, accompanying baked meat, with potatoes or even for your marinades. Turn your everyday dishes into authentic gourmet recipes with this Barbeque Sauce.



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Ingredientes: Tomate (69%) , azúcar moreno, vinagre de vino (sulfites.), sal marina ahumada, extracto de café descafeinado, especias (pimentón (0.1%), aceituna negra (0.01%), naranja (0.2%).


Información Nutricional por 100g de producto escurrido: Valor energético 549 kJ/127 kcal, Grasas totales 0g, Grasas saturadas 0g, Carbohidratos 28g, Azúcar 26g, Fibra alimentaria 0g, Proteínas 1.8g, Sal 1.6g.


Conservar en un lugar fresco y seco, alejado de fuentes de luz y calor. Una vez abierto mantener refrigerado.

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