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Take advantage of your masks with Multimasking

Sometimes we don't take advantage of the masks we have at home as much as we could, that's why we want to talk about a skincare routine that we love and that has been causing a lot of talk in recent times, Multimasking, do you know what it is? Pay attention because we tell you in detail. 

Each skin type has different needs, and even each area of the face requires a specific treatment. Hasn't it happened to you that there are areas of your face that are more oily while others are drier?

Sea como sea vuestra piel, venimos a presentarte el multimasking, una técnica que consiste en combinar distintos tipos de mascarillas para cada zona del rostro en función de sus características y necesidades. Es completamente personalizable y busca mejorar la apariencia del rostro de forma unificada y rápida.

Without a doubt, it is the perfect ally for combination skin, which tends to have excess sebum in the T zone, dry cheeks and even areas where the skin is dull. In this post we tell you the perfect combination to achieve radiant skin quickly and easily.

Cosmetics and Multimasking. Identify your skin type

Is your skin mixed, oily or dry? How do the different areas of your face behave? Depending on the answers, we are going to create a pattern on which we will apply our masks.

Choose the cosmetics and masks that best suit your needs

For oily/excessive sebum areas of the face, with dilated pores and a shiny appearance: use the La Chinata Purifying Mask. Helps control sebum production and allows for a matt appearance that is fresh and juicy at the same time.

For dry, irritated or flaking areas: opt for the Moisturizing Mask, you will get a firm, velvety and soft finish.

For the less luminous areas of the face: choose the Revitalizing Mask, it will help give the skin an extra luminosity so that it looks radiant.

Apply the masks and let them act

Wait 10 minutes: take the opportunity to relax, enjoy a book, have a coffee or continue with the spa session!

Rinse with lukewarm water and voila!

Remove the remains of the masks with warm water and enjoy the pleasant sensation that you notice on your face. 

Now you know, if you have more than one mask among your cosmetics, take advantage of it with multimasking!

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