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2 cosmetic routines for before and after sports

How many doubts arise with skin care in regards to the cosmetic routine before and after playing sports; If I do sports, do I have to apply my routine before? Will the products not go away when you sweat? Do I have to reapply them later? Do not worry, because in this post we will solve all those doubts by showing you a complete routine for pre and post sports.

For a start

First of all, we must take into account that our body changes and accelerates with physical exercise, just as it works differently when it is at rest or when we are asleep, so we must adapt our skin care routine for each situation. .

In addition, we must also take into account what type of skin we have to choose which products will be good for us and which ones we should avoid.

1. Cosmetic routine before doing sports

First you must remove make-up and cleanse the skin with suitable products to promote oxygenation during exercise, since the pores dilate and grease, debris and dirt can penetrate.

However, we cannot apply very aggressive routines such as chemical peels or exfoliants that dry it out because the skin already reddens with exercise and we could suffer some skin irritation.

The ideal in this case is to use products with oily formulas such as La Chinata Face and Eye Make-up Remover Balm or La Chinata Purifying Cleansing Milk.

Next, it is recommended to apply a light and moisturizing moisturizer, such as the 24-hour Hydronutritive Facial. If we want, we can also apply the Facial Mist, which provides freshness and immediate relief while moisturizing.

And of course, whether outdoors or indoors, our sunscreen should not be missing. At La Chinata we have a waterproof 50 SPF Solar Facial Milk, so its protective effects will not be lost with sweat.

2. Cosmetic routine for after sports

When we sweat, the skin undergoes many changes and after a good training session, the sweat leaves the skin full of residues. And watch out! Because if your skin is prone to acne breakouts and you skip this step, we may experience the appearance of an acne breakout.

For all these reasons, we recommend the two-step cleaning. First with the Eye and Face Make-up Remover Balm, an oil-based cleanser, and then with the Cherry Cleansing Mousse, a water-based cleanser. Once finished, we tone the skin with the Toning Olive Water.

Afterwards, a serum with a calming effect would be the perfect match. In this case we recommend the CBD line. On the one hand, the CBD + Vitamin C Luminosity Serum, with moisturizing, soothing and repairing properties, ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. Or instead, the CBD Soothing Oil, for slightly more irritated skin. After the serum or oil, apply the Nourishing Facial Cream with CBD, Hyaluronic Acid and SPF 25, to repair, restore hydration and protect it from solar radiation.

relax your muscles

Do you have shoelaces? overload? inflammation? He Invigorating Massage Balm with CBD It cannot be missing in your sports bag. It has calming properties, a cold effect, activates blood circulation and relaxes muscles and joints. It is also perfect for tired legs. You will notice immediate relief!

Do you want to get a product?

If you have been interested in any of the products that we have mentioned throughout the post, we leave them here so you can get them at the click of a button or visit our section Cosmetic products.

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