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Minimalist cosmetic routine, what is it?

The minimalist cosmetic routine exists. It is booming and we like it. The Scandinavians and French adore her. Now that we know it, we understand why. If you are looking for a simple and uncomplicated cosmetic routine, we have something to tell you. The minimalist routine is for you.

The key to start in the world of cosmetics and skin care is to start little by little, without haste, without stress and without stress. Don't get overwhelmed with millions of products or a multitude of steps. Simplifying the routines so that we are not lazy to do them daily and getting used to doing them without involving torture is essential. That is a minimalist routine, few steps and basic but effective products.

We propose a simple, easy, fast and at the same time effective routine, with the essential products to notice beautiful and healthy skin.

To achieve this habit, our recommendation is to start applying the three most important steps:

1. Cleaning

With a suitable cleanser for each skin (according to the tastes and preferences of each one). It is necessary so that the pores do not become clogged and eliminate the waste generated during the night.

2. Hydration

A basic is a moisturizer that increases the moisture content in the skin. There are many options, but an effective moisturizing product will need to contain a combination of emollient, moisturizing, and barrier-repairing ingredients. And if it also incorporates antioxidants into its formula, even better! They will help protect the skin from oxidative damage.

3. Sun protection

It is essential every day of the year. It protects us from UV radiation, which leads to premature aging (wrinkles, spots...) and increases the risk of skin cancer. If we don't apply sunscreen, the routine won't be worth anything.

This would be a good start if you want to start having a routine to take care of your skin every day without too much effort. Over time, you could add other steps according to the needs of your skin at all times, or even add an extra one or two times a week, such as the application of masks or an exfoliating session.

Do you dare to follow a cosmetic ritual without complications? The results on your skin are highly addictive!

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