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New Duck Rillettes with EVOO La Chinata. Recipes

The Duck Rillettes with EVOO La Chinata They are a traditional French recipe. An innovative Gourmet product perfect as an aperitif that has an exquisite flavor thanks to the combination with our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Below we detail what these natural Rillettes are like and what are the best recipes we can make with them. An ideal accompaniment!

A Gourmet product on the rise

La Chinata Duck Rillettes with Extra Virgin Olive Oil are made naturally with excellent quality shredded duck meat, cooked in its own fat and seasoned with salt and pepper.

This Gourmet product has multiple uses that make us see it more and more often in the most innovative kitchens. It can be taken alone or it can be given an exotic touch with our vegetable jams, such as Pepper Jam, the Pumpkin Jam or even with the Cherry Flavoured Balsamic Cream.

Recipe: Duck Rillettes French Toast with EVOO La Chinata.

receta de Rillettes de Pato con AOVE La Chinata

To start this traditional French recipe we will have to have on hand some pickles such as onions and gherkins, some fresh radishes and our Duck Rilletes with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In the first place, the base on which we will make our recipe will be some traditional toasts, or better yet, the Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from La Chinata, the ideal accompaniment for this gourmet aperitif.

Once we have the base, spread the Duck Rillettes on the bread, add the pickles and the sliced radish on top. The result will be an exquisite snack with an unbeatable flavor.

Olive Leaf Pasta with Rillettes

receta de Rillettes de Pato

Do you fancy a plate of Olive Leaf Pasta married to a delicious sauce? A flavor that few will have enjoyed in their mouths. To do this, the first thing we will cook will be the classic sauce with garlic, onion and pepper, while we will be cooking the gourmet Olive Leaf Pasta on the other hand.

Once the sauce is at its point, we will include the grated tomato and a glass of Red Wine La Chinata to enhance its flavor. We add the Duck Rillettes to the mixture, which together with the Red Wine, will be reduced and then mixed with the already cooked pasta. Finally, add a little cooking water so that it does not remain dry and grate over our Goat Cheese La Chinata, with which we will give an intense point to our gourmet dish.

Deviled Eggs with Rillettes

receta de Rillettes de Pato

To make this special and quick recipe with stuffed eggs we will follow the following steps. Cook the eggs in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Once they lose heat, we cut them in half and, being very careful not to break the whites, we remove the yolks. We will mix these yolks with the Duck Rillettes, which will give it an exquisite touch. Finally, we will fill the boiled eggs with this tasty combination in the form of a sauce and we will sprinkle the chives on top, modeling a wonderful finish to the dish.

Tip: when mixing the Duck Rillettes with the egg yolks, we recommend also adding the Truffle Mayonnaise with Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Chinata. An excellent union of flavors both for Deviled Eggs and for sandwiches, toasts, sandwiches or even meat, fish or rice recipes.


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