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Recipe: Sirloin Wellington with Iberian Jowls and Olive Chutney

We love the Iberian dewlap in many recipes. Its jogusity, its texture and its flavor have made it one of our star products for any dish, such as this Sirloin Wellington. Test it!


1. Mix the Boletus Edulis La Chinata Cream and the Partridge Pate. Once we have a homogeneous mass, reserve.

2. Season the Iberian Pork Sirloin with salt and pepper and seal in the pan over high heat and only turn and turn (approx. 4 minutes). We withdraw.

3.Place the puff pastry on parchment paper and place the slices of La Chinata Iberian Papada on top of it, overlapping one on top of the other to form a rectangle.

4.On top we add the mixture of Boletus Cream and Partridge Pate. Place the Iberian tenderloins on top, roll over the mixture and put in the fridge for at least 60 minutes.

5. After the time has elapsed, remove the parchment paper and brush the entire surface of the puff pastry with a beaten egg.

6. We put it in a fountain previously brushed with EVOO. We try that the part of the board is facing down.

7. We put in the preheated oven at 190 o C for 30 minutes.

8.Present with a base of La Chinata Caramelized Onion and serve each slice with a bit of La Chinata Olive Chutney with EVOO and that's it!


• 500 g of Iberian pork tenderloin (2 pieces)

• 1 Jar of Cream of Boletus Edulis La Chinata

• 2 cans of Partridge Pate with EVOO La Chinata.

• 1 bottle of La Chinata caramelized onion.

• 1 bottle of Olive Chutney with EVOO

• 1 sheet of puff pastry

• 1 beaten egg

• 6-8 slices of Gran-fed Country Ibérico Pork Jowl

• Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pepper Mill 5 Berries

Salt Flakes Grinder

Pairing for Sirloin Wellington

The mixture of flavors such as the sirloin itself with mushrooms, pate and puff pastry requires a strong wine that balances the flavors and is delicate with the ingredients at the same time.

He Red Wine Strains It is a broad wine but at the same time soft and delicate. It is made with the Tempranillo variety, and its spicy and vanilla notes go very well with this type of dish.

In addition, its time in the barrel strengthens its tannins, but at the same time it also makes it softer, making it a good choice to enjoy this particular dish.

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