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Healthy Recipe: Vegetable Rolls with Candied Artichokes and Mango Chutney

With the arrival of good weather, healthy and light recipes made with garden products such as spinach, artichokes, carrots or lettuce begin to be desired. For this reason, we have created this delicious Mediterranean version of spring rolls or vegetable rolls with a gourmet touch with our Mango and Apple Chutney with EVOO and our Candied Artichokes in EVOO, accompanied by an exquisite mango sauce. A perfect dish for a light lunch or a healthy dinner ready in the blink of an eye, do you want to try it? Put on your apron, let's get started!



Rollitos vegetales


for the sauce

Select half of the jar of La Chinata Mango Chutney. Reserve the other half of the pot for the filling of the rolls.

For the roll

1º Rice paper is also known as 'banh trang' or wafer paper. They are thin, translucent sheets widely used in Southeast Asia to make spring rolls or other types of rolls. to handle it, it is necessary to soak it in cold water for 15-20 seconds.

2nd Next, cut the carrot and lettuce in julienne strips and set aside.

3º Place the clean and dry spinach leaves on the rice paper, then the julienned vegetables, the drained artichokes.

4th. Finally, distribute the Mango Chutney sauce and pour a little more on top of the mixture. Then close the roll.

Present the vegetable rolls next to the sauce and that's it.


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