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Recipe: Artichoke Pizza with Fig Balsamic

The artichoke pizzas are delicious. It is a product that we love for many types of dishes and on pizza it is great. That is why we have made this recipe with Cream of Artichokes and Candied Artichokes. In addition, we have added a touch with Goat Cheese and Fig Balsamic Cream. delicious! If you want to try a great pizza beyond the traditional combinations, take note!



First of all, we bake the pizza base. Between 5 and 7 minutes until golden at 180ºC.

Once ready, we add the Artichoke Cream at the base. On top some Candied Artichokes with EVOO previously passed through the pan over and over with a little EVOO. Then add the shredded EVOO Goat Cheese and finish with a drizzle of Fig Balsamic Cream and a few rocket leaves. Ready to eat!

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