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Easy and healthy recipe: Salad with roasted peppers, tuna in olive oil and red onion pickled in sherry vinegar

Nothing better in summer than enjoying a fresh and tasty salad. On this occasion, we propose a salad with gourmet products to achieve a delicious flavor. It is a salad of roasted peppers, tuna in olive oil and red onion pickled in sherry vinegar. We explain it to you step by step. Take note!




1.- First of all, we will cut the red onion into strips and put it in a deep container with Jerez vinegar for half an hour to achieve the pickle effect.

2.- Later, we will drain it to mix it with the pepper salad, which we have previously placed on a plate together with the tuna.

3.- We will finish the dish with extra virgin olive oil, a little salt flakes and some tender sprouts or salad leaves.

And ready to eat!

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