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Iberian Sirloin with Cherry Sauce

Do you like Iberian sirloin? It is one of the most exquisite meats of the Iberian pig. It is tender, juicy, very lean and has hardly any fat. There are only two pieces per animal and it is usually cooked in whole pieces, with different sauces and garnishes, both in the oven, grilled or in stews.

So, if you like Iberian Sirloin, take note of this recipe! Iberian sirloin with cherry sauce, and prepare to salivate...



  • First of all, we will make the sauce. We can now take the Iberian Sirloin out of the refrigerator so that it warms up while we cook the sauce.
  • For the sauce we need to remove the pipos from the cherries. We leave some games and the rest we crush with a blender. We pour both the crushed and the games in a saucepan and add the meat broth. We bring the mixture to a boil. Cook over low heat until the sauce is slightly reduced and thick. 
  • When the broth is boiling, add a little Red Wine Cepas La Chinata. Stir and let the alcohol evaporate and continue to reduce the sauce.
  • Once we have achieved the desired texture, remove from the heat and let it rest. 
  • We heat the potatoes for La Chinata Tortilla. In a frying pan we add a little of the EVOO from the boat itself and sauté carefully so that they do not fall apart. Once ready, we plate them.
  • Now, in a frying pan, we add a splash of EVOO La Chinata and when the frying pan is very hot we make the whole Iberian Sirloin. Over high heat, let it brown. Once it is at its point, remove from the heat and cut into slices on a board and plate. We pour the cherry sauce on top and ready to eat!

Iberian sirloin preparation suggestions

To cook it, it is recommended to take it out two hours before cooking, breaking the seal so that it reaches room temperature. If you have frozen it, it is best to defrost it in the fridge for 24 hours beforehand.

Sustainable farming in the heart of the Extremaduran pastures

The Iberian pigs are bred extensively in the heart of Extremadura Dehesa, in Baldío de Leal, in the municipalities of Arroyo de la Luz and Brozas. A pasture area that meets the optimal conditions for the best development and breeding of the best specimens of the Iberian pig.

Here, pigs are 100% fed on cereals and all the resources the pasture has to offer, such as acorns. At the same time, as it is a traditional extensive livestock farm, the animals live in a free-range environment, which favours their welfare, resulting in the quality of the product.

At the same time, farms are sustainable, with a maximum of 8 animals per hectare, which avoids overloading the system, respects the pasture's own ecosystem and minimises the erosion.

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