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Sheep Cheese Pacencia 'Castrum Erat'



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Sheep Cheese Pacencia 'Castrum Erat'


580 g | 30.86 € / 1 kg

In stock

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The family of the cheese factory Castrum Erat makes this Pacencia sheep cheese in an artisan way in their farm in the town of Castuera, in the region of La Serena, in Badajoz.

This unique cured sheep cheese from Extremadura is made following traditional methods with raw milk from its own flock of sheep, with enzymatic coagulation, using rennet of animal origin, specifically lamb rennet. It is an unpressed paste, with no additives or preservatives.


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Its flavour has small semi-spicy touches, with a fatty feeling in the very pleasant aftertaste. Regarding its aroma, it is pleasant and intense with a long lasting presence in the mouth.

It comes in a circular shape, with a thin rind and bathed in Virgin Olive Oil. Regarding its inside, it has a paste with a medium creaminess, small holes and an ivory colour.


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Sheep's milk, salt, lactic ferments, animal rennet, lysozyme (egg).


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