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Sheep Cheese with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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100 g | 76.5 € / 1 kg

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REFRIGERATED SHIPMENT: Available in Mainland Spain for 10€
Gratis para pedidos superiores a 50€

These pieces of aged sheep cheese are the perfect way to treat yourself. It is a carefully hand-cut cheese, packed with our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has an intense flavour, strong on the palate with spicy notes and a hard texture but yet buttery due to Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

100 grams of cheese designed to enjoy alone or with family and friends. It comes in a glass jar. No fuss. Just open, serve and enjoy.


1 reviews for Queso de Oveja con Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

  1. Esteban

    En dos palabras: Im presinante!!!

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Ingredients: cured sheep cheese (raw sheep milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferment, preservative (E-252, lysozyme(egg))), extra virgin olive oil (50%)

Nutrition facts per 100g of drained product: Calories 1757 kJ/424 kcal, Total fat 36g (saturated fat 25,2g), carbohydrates 1g (sugars: 1g), protein 24g, salt 1,5g.

How to use

100 gramos de Queso de Oveja con Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra pensados para disfrutarlos tanto solo como en compañía de la familia o amigos. Presentado en tarro de cristal. Sin complicaciones. Solo abrir, servir y disfrutar.

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