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Selection of essential products for traveling this summer

Are you more of a beach or mountain? Wherever you go, don't give up taking care of your skin and hair with the best products that suit your destination, your suitcase and, of course, your skin and hair. We show you a selection of essentials for traveling this summer, it doesn't matter if you're going away for a weekend, if you carry little luggage, are traveling by plane or you're going away for 15 days, we show you a selection of products that you don't want to be missing from your luggage! !

productos imprescindibles para viajar este verano

A basic: Sun Protection

It is a basic in summer either because you are going to sunbathe or because you have to leave the house, the sun's rays are very harmful to the skin and you must always be protected. But also, if you like to show off your tan, it is essential to sunbathe responsibly and it is advisable to use SPF 50 protection for the face and get a perfect tan without damage the skin. At La Chinata we have a SPF50 Facial Protection Sun Milk and SPF30 Body Protection made with a high content of Vitamin E and Carotene and together with EVOO, they form a very effective action against skin aging. It also has Olive Leaf extract, a great antioxidant and photoprotector, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant, which acts as a purifying and antimicrobial agent, indicated for skins that are not tanned and sensitive to UVA rays.

In the same way, after exposure, it is time to hydrate and nothing better than our La Chinata After Sun to close the beauty ritual, which also has a very differentiating advantage, in its formula it has EVOO to hydrate and repair and with Aloe Vera, guarantees a calming and regenerative effect on skin damaged by the sun and other external factors.

You can see some recommendations on how to sunbathe responsibly at the following link: The best tricks to protect yourself from the sun

Express trips: Welcome Pack

With the Welcome Pack You have a complete mini-size personal hygiene kit (30 ml) that contains a bath and shower gel, a Body milk 30, the mild shampoo and a 20-gram bar of soap. If you want to pack lightly and you only go for a weekend or a few days, this is the best option.

productos imprescindibles para viajar este verano

Holidays of more than a week

In this case, you have to increase the size, this La Chinata Miniature Cosmetic Case with a size of 60 ml you will be served. It has an excellent selection of products from the classic line to care for skin and hair. They are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and are part of our most traditional line, ideal for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

If you like our Natural Edition Cosmetic Line with Organic Virgin Olive Oil more and you also prefer a slightly larger size, the best option is the You also have another option, the La Chinata Travel Pack, which contains four 100 ml products; Natural Edition bath and shower gel, Natural Edition mild shampoo, Natural Edition hair conditioner and Natural Edition body milk, you will return from your vacation with healthy and radiant skin and hair.

light luggage holidays

In these cases in which, due to different circumstances, you cannot carry hardly any weight, the best are the sachets, our single doses of Bath Gel, Body Lotion and Shampoo, all of the classic line made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

There is also another option, available for men and women, it is the Men's Mini Pack and Women. They are presented in boxes of three 15 ml products. In the case of the Men's Pack, it contains Anti-Fatigue Facial Gel, Revitalizing Shampoo and Bath Gel. For its part, the Women's Mini Pack presents a Body milk, the mild Shampoo and the SPF 8 anti-aging hand cream.

off-road products

The star product if we do not want to go loaded with many products is the Miraculous Oil. It is an ideal product for the face, hair and body, so by carrying this multifunctional elixir you will not need to carry too many moisturizers or conditioners. After the shower, a few drops on the face and body and a few drops on the ends of the hair hydrated skin and soft hair, there is nothing more comfortable! In addition, men can also apply a few drops to the beard to soften it, it's great!

La Chinata Miraculous Oil

With all this, you are ready to go on vacation, have a good trip!

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