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Prepare your skin for the first rays of summer sun

There is less left to say goodbye to the cold and welcome the long-awaited summer. Very soon we will replace our warm clothes with summer clothes and we will enjoy the first rays of the sun that the summer season brings us.

sol y verano

Probably due to stress, bad eating habits, fatigue... we don't have skin at its best and more than one would like to look tanned today. But it is important to be cautious and not expose our skin to the sun without protection or abuse self-tanners or UVA rays.

We are going to give several tricks to enjoy the sun with caution and without putting our health at risk to show off perfect skin this summer. Applying protection on the first day at the beach is not enough to prevent our skin from suffering, so let's be proactive and prepare our skin for the first sun exposure. Take note!

Exfoliate the skin before sunbathing

First of all, you have to exfoliate the skin well. Let's eliminate all impurities so that it better absorbs the treatments that we must apply later to prepare our skin for summer. We recommend the cherry scrub with olive pits or the EVOO scrub, which in addition to its easy application, leaves the skin very soft and hydrated. For those who have slightly oilier skin, it is preferable to use fig and wheat artisan soap.

And for greater application comfort and better results, you can massage the area with the chosen product with the help of the olive bone exfoliating sponge, that not only will reactivate the cell renewal of your skin, but also stimulates blood circulation and allows the skin to oxygenate and breathe better.

sol y verano

skin hydration 

After exfoliating, it's time to moisturize, and nothing better than a moisturizer like Shea, EVOO & Cherry Body Butter or the classic version of EVOO moisturizing cream or even with honey and olive For those who prefer a more intense scent. 

sol y verano

For very dry skin, the intensive regenerator with EVOO, Aloe Vera and Natural Beeswax, which can also serve us as an after sun in the case of having very damaged skin. However, for normal skin it is preferable after sun with evoo because it is less greasy and is more easily absorbed.

Food rich in vitamins and antioxidants

And of course we must not forget the diet. To show off perfect skin you have to take care of yourself inside and out. Choose foods that are rich in carotenes such as carrots or tomatoes, which can be found in many dishes. You can take the tomato plain or for breakfast with some toast tomato jelly, or if you prefer for dinner with a salad with tomato pulp vinegar. The carrot, you can also find it in jam to accompany savory dishes if you want to alternate it with raw carrots.

sol y verano

And of course, incorporate into our diet foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants such as those found in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and in fish like nice north, the Cantabrian anchovy fillets waves sardines.

In this way, we will be prepared to face the sun in a healthy way. So start preparing your skin to expose yourself to the sun now because... The countdown begins!

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