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Add flavor to your dishes with the new Seasoned Salts

Curry, lemon, chilli, paprika and olive are the new ingredients that we have added to our Pack of Seasoned Salts and that we present in an elegant case with five tubes to season each type of dish to taste.

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He Seasoned Salts Case dispose of five varieties made with a base of Flor de Sal, which is obtained by evaporating water from the sea and whose production process is not industrial.

With this, it is a gourmet product widely used in haute cuisine that enhances the flavour of food and comes in irregular and crunchy grains.

Get to know each variety and its recommendations for use:

Lemon Sea Salt Flakes

This variety has a citric touch, ideal for seafood and fish, as well as rice dishes.

Fleur de Sel in Flakes with 'Pimentón'

La Chinata Flake Salt with 'Pimentón' has a touch of top quality smoked paprika and the result will not leave anyone indifferent, ideal for meat, fish, rice and vegetable dishes.

Olive Sea Salt Flakes

La Chinata Flake Salt with Olives provides freshness and a fruity aroma that makes it ideal for salads and pastas.

Flower of Salt with Chili

Flake Salt with 'Chilli' leaves a slightly spicy taste in each bite and makes it ideal for meat, fish, pasta, rice and vegetables. It brings a more intense flavor to dishes, transforming them into exquisite ones.

Fleur de Sel with Curry

The Flor de Sel in Flakes with Curry has a yellow appearance and a spicy smell with a slightly sweet and intense flavor. It is perfect for enhancing the flavor of seafood, meat, fish and rice, as well as for making curry sauce.

To take advantage of the qualities of each of the Seasoned Salts, we recommend applying a little at the end of the duck. It is not necessary to apply a large amount because it is purer and dissolves easily with the juices of the food or in the mouth without difficulty.

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