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Toasted Pistachios with EVOO, Honey and Paprika


110 g | 62.73 € / 1 kg

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Do you like healthy snacks? There you have Toasted Pistachios with EVOO, Honey and Paprika, a delicious, healthy and nourishing bite you can eat with no remorse. They have a crunchy texture and sweet honey, smoked La Vera Parika and fruity lemon touches.

It is perfect to eat as a snack between meals, as well as to add to salads, meat or carpaccios and pastries.





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Toasted pistachio, wholemeal cane sugar, salt, rosemary honey (5%), extra virgin olive oil, lemon aroma (1%), Paprika de la Vera (1%).

Nutrition Facts per 100g of drained product: Calories 2568kJ/620kcal, Total fat 50,7g, Saturated fat 7,1g, Carbohydrates 19,2g, Sugar 16,7g, Dietary Fibre 10g, Protein 16,8g, Salt 0,97g.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from light and heat sources. Once opened, keep refrigerated.

How to use

Estos Pistachos Tostados con Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Miel y Pimentón son el snack ideal para comer entre horas, así como para añadir a ensaladas, carnes o carpaccios y en repostería.

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