PDO Sweet Smoked Paprika

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3,10  IVA incluido

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PDO Sweet Smoked Paprika

40 g | 7.75 € / 100 g
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3,10  IVA incluido

Hay existencias

Sweet Smoked Paprika comes from the Pimentón de La Vera Protected Designation of Origin. Its artisan production process and its 'smoke' drying have given this product its worldwide fame thanks to its unmatched aroma, flavour and colour stability.

How is it used?

It is made with sweet peppers, it has a mild and intense, aromatic and smoky flavour, and it is ideal for sauces, stir-fries, meat and fish stews, meats, soups, rice dishes, hummus... and an endless number of dishes.

How is it obtained?

Artisanal drying is used, which is mainly slow, soft and not very aggressive, to guarantee the highest quality of the product. Once the fruit is ripe, it is collected and dried in vertical current dryers with a lower hearth that are located on the farmer's own farms. As a curiosity, this was an alternative to drying in the sun that is used in other areas, since the humidity of the autumn rains, which coincide with the harvest of the fruit, made it impossible to dry.

The dryers have two floors. On the ground floor is the combustion chamber where the firewood is placed. And the fruit is located in the upper one, about 2.5 meters away. This second floor has some pine slats placed 1-2 centimetres apart on chestnut rafters. And it is through the smoke generated from the lower chamber with the combustion of oak and holm oak firewood that the peppers are dried.

Once the peppers are dehydrated, the seeds are removed and they are ground.

Valle Coronado

Valle Coronado was born with the concern of seeking new flavours and textures. A brand that joins La Chinata to expand our catalogue towards new horizons with a common denominator, to continue betting on excellent quality products with a stamp from Extremadura.

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Dried pepper (99%), sunflower oil.

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