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Pheasant with Truffles Pâté



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Pheasant with Truffles Pâté

(38 customer reviews)


120g | €26.67 / 1kg

In stock

La Chinata Pheasant with truffles Pâté is made with excellent quality pheasant pieces and it is considered one of the most valuable game birds by prestigious cooks thanks to its texture and flavour. Moreover, it is supplemented with another star ingredient in gourmet cuisine, truffle, so it creates a delicious flavour in the mouth.

We recommended spreading it on bread as a snack, as it has soft and tasty texture, or on our wide range of regañás and picos. You can add it a special touch with our wide variety of La Chinata balsamic creams such as cherry, fig or truffle ones, as they give it a slightly sweet flavour. It can also be a good side to bring a unique touch to dishes such as stew, roast meat or even rice.

We suggest serving the pâté slightly chilled if it is to be eaten spread on bread, so as to enhance its nuances in the mouth. It pairs perfectly with our La Chinata red wine.

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38 reviews for Paté de Faisán con Trufas

  1. Alfred

    Very rich



  3. Glory

    Delicate aroma and flavor, the perfect combination

  4. Andrew

    It's good, but the flavor is too light for my taste. I like more intense flavors.

  5. WHITE

    To mix with the Regañas.

  6. WHITE

    To mix with the Regañas.


    It is so good that you are left wanting more. Rich flavor and texture

  8. Lorraine


  9. Maria Jose

    I have been consuming your products for five years now and we love it. Very good.

  10. Jose Enrique

    Like all the products that I have tried from La Chinata, to repeat. Very good. At least I liked them.

  11. Javier


  12. snows

    Quality price, good flavor to accompany some appetizer toasts or dinners with friends

  13. Ana Belen

    Contained in the valuation

  14. Guadeloupe

    I love it, it has a good and strong flavor, it is delicious.

  15. Martha

    I chose a selection of products to give away at my son's baptism, and it's amazing, you look great, it's something that everyone likes... and it comes for you to prepare if you buy the bags in an elegant way

  16. celine

    different and delicious

  17. adelina

    A very rich and elegant pâté to make breakfast starters and snacks.

  18. OLALLA

    Mild flavor, creamy texture, very rich

  19. Conchi

    We have loved both the smooth texture it has and the intense flavor of the product. We will repeat.

  20. Maria del Carmen

    Delicious pate with an exquisite flavor! We loved it, not to stop pecking

  21. Lorraine

    If you start it you can't leave it halfway, you finish the jar.

  22. nuria

    Delicious flavor with that special touch that the truffle has. I recommend that you try it. I will certainly repeat and it will be a safe purchase with each order.

  23. reuben

    The truth is that all the products are great, exquisite flavors and a careful presentation.

  24. Veronica

    To cover on toast

  25. montse

    It is an intense but very rich pâté

  26. montse

    It is an intense but very rich pâté

  27. Javier

    good taste, price in the high band

  28. Javier

    good taste, price in the high band

  29. Luis

    Flavors on your site.

  30. Luis

    Flavors on your site.

  31. jordi

    Thank you!!

  32. jordi

    Thank you!!

  33. jordi

    Thank you!!

  34. jordi

    Thank you!!

  35. jordi

    Thank you!!

  36. jordi

    Thank you!!

  37. frames

    Very smooth and creamy. The flavor is spectacular. One of the best pates I've ever tried.

  38. frames

    Very smooth and creamy. The flavor is spectacular. One of the best pates I've ever tried.

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Chicken liver, concentrated pheasant stock (19%) (pheasant (80%),water), pork fat, fried onion (onion, olive oil, salt), mushroom (AgáricusBisporus), skimmed milk powder, extra virgin olive oil, wine, salt, pea fibre, egg powder, garlic, sugar, corn starch, aroma, spices, aromatic plants, truffle (0.03%)

Nutrition Facts per 100g: Calories 867.5 kJ/209 kcal, Total fat 16.6g, Saturated fat 6.2g, Carbohydrates 4.4g, Sugar 2.6g, Dietary Fibre 0.6g, Protein 10.5g, Salt 2.7g.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from light and heat sources. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days.


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