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La Chinata Potato Chips, something more than a simple appetizer

Made with the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the company from Extremadura

A very our product with an exceptional flavor and texture

La Chinata has recently added to its gourmet references the Bag of French Fries with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. One of the most widespread appetizers in our country, experiences an unquestionable leap in quality with the careful production process carried out by the firm from Extremadura. As raw material, hand-picked Spanish potatoes are used, which have undergone rigorous selection and quality control processes. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is presented as the essential ingredient for frying potatoes in a pan over low heat, in order to guarantee a flavor and a crunchy texture. The product is sold in comfortable bags with a striking design weighing 125 grams with a recommended price of €1.95.


The product


La Chinata potato chips are made with Spanish potatoes that have been picked by hand and subjected, after a rigorous selection process, to strict quality controls.
Once cut, they are fried in a pan over low heat with 100 % first cold-pressed virgin olive oil from La Chinata, to guarantee an exceptional flavor and crunchy texture.
Its protective packaging from light and humidity prolongs the freshness and flavor of freshly made things.
With this painstaking process, French fries become more than just an appetizer.


eritivo, in a delicatessen of outstanding quality.


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