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Green I want you green! New Organic Pasta in the shape of Olive Leaves

We have good news for Pasta lovers… We added a new organic pasta to our shelves and this time, in the shape of olive leaves!

pasta ecológica

It is an organic paste made from durum wheat semolina and spinach from ecological agriculture and its production is subject to exhaustive quality controls.

In this way, a delicious pasta in the shape of olive leaves is obtained, with the flavor and quality of a gourmet product, which also guarantees a production that respects the environment, embodied with the organic farming seal of the Union. European.

It must be remembered that pasta is a great source of energy and promotes slow digestion that allows the body to obtain all the nutrients necessary.

Likewise, they provide all the nutritional values necessary for intellectual performance and also allow good physical performance.

In addition, they are very easy to cook and if accompanied by other healthy foods such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, vegetables, meats and fishThus, you favor a healthy and balanced diet.

Recommendations to prepare it

It is an ideal paste to combine with our sauces with EVOO La Chinata, especially the Pesto alla Genovese. We also recommend it to use in our pasta salad dishes with our variety of Seasoned Extra Virgin Olive Oils and our wide range of La Chinata Vinegars as well as of Sales La Chinata. And if you want to accompany it with fish, try it with our Canned La Chinata. And for those who can't resist the olives, take a look at our variety and get a 100% Mediterranean dish.

Take advantage!

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