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“Rosemary Honey Rolls with Caramelized Olives”, winning recipe for the month of June

the blogger Sofia Martin de Nicholas with his recipe forRosemary Honey Rolls with Caramelized Olives” has become the winner of the month of June of the Creative Cooking Contest organized by La Chinata, which on this occasion has featured the variety of Gourmet Honeys and the assorted range of Olives from the Extremaduran firm. The appetizing gastronomic bet is "ideal for an aperitif, as a snack and to enjoy with friends in a wonderful meeting" as confirmed by the author herself and editor of the blog The winner of the contest will soon receive a Box of Seasoning No. 1 as a price for her recipe full of imagination and authentic flavor.

The Winning Recipe

Rosemary Honey Rolls with Caramelized Olives of Sofia Martin de Nicholas

INGREDIENTS of the rosemary honey rolls with caramelized olives

  • 1 Bottle of La Chinata Caramelized Olives
  • 1 tablespoon La Chinata Rosemary Honey
  • 200 gr. of strength flour
  • 2 gr of baker's yeast
  • 3 gr. of salt
  • 100 ml of lukewarm water
  • 20 ml. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Manzanilla Cacereña and Carrasqueña La Chinata
  • 1 egg



First of all in a bowl we mix the flour together with the yeast, once mixed we add the water, the oil, the salt, the egg and the tablespoon of honey. Mix well, flour the work table and work the dough until it forms a ball, slightly sticky, place it in a bowl and cover it with transparent film, let it rest until it has doubled in volume, meanwhile we cut the olives in two halves .

After this time, we take it out, flour the work table again and with the help of a rolling pin flatten the dough, as thin as possible, place the olives all over the dough and adhere them to the dough with the help of a rolling pin, tapping them lightly, cut the dough into rectangular portions, paint it with oil, place them on a baking sheet that we will have lined with baking paper, preheat the oven to 200ºC, meanwhile let the dough rest, place the rolls for cooking and when they are ready we place them on a rack until they cool down and are ready.

Ideal for an aperitif, as a snack and to enjoy with friends in a great meeting, a great excuse is the game on Sunday, which I hope you enjoy.

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