Hot Spices Pack

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7,74  IVA incluido

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Hot Spices Pack

49 g | 157.96 € / 1 kg

7,74  IVA incluido

Hay existencias

Are you ready for the challenge of intense flavours? The Hot Spices Pack of Valle Coronado contains a selection of spices and condiments ideal to give a unique, special and hot touch to your recipes.

Presented in an elegant and practical pack with 5 tubes, this set of spices is designed for true lovers of culinary intensity.

At Valle Coronado we meticulously select four types of spices and create an exclusive seasoning to give a special and instant touch to your recipes.

The contents of the Hot Spices Pack are presented in convenient tubes for easy use.

Pack contents

  • Brava Mix: made from garlic, sea salt, hot smoked paprika, tomato, bird's eye cayenne and Boletus edulis, this Brava Blend is the perfect balanced combination of intense and complex flavours. Use it as a base for marinades, meat or roasted vegetables.
  • Pimiento Cayena Triturada: brings a subtle heat and deep aromas to your dishes. Its presentation allows for a perfect infusion, releasing a balanced spiciness that turns any recipe into an unforgettable culinary experience.
  • Milled Cayenne Pepper: Ground Cayenne is the master touch for those looking for an additional level of spiciness. Finely ground for even distribution, this spice intensifies your dishes with strong, vibrant heat. Add a touch of this ground cayenne to elevate your creations to new levels of intensity.
  • Ground Cayenne Pepper Bird's Eye: Experience the concentrated heat of Bird's Eye Cayenne, little bombs of spiciness that awaken your taste buds with an explosion of flavour. They provide intense, deep heat, perfect for those looking for a spicy experience without limits.
  • Smoked Hot Pepper Flakes: Add a smoky dimension and a touch of heat to your favourite dishes with these Smoked Hot Pepper Flakes. They are the ideal option to infuse a captivating flavour with a touch of smoke into your culinary creations.


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Mezcla brava (ajo, sal marina, pimentón ahumado, tomate, pimiento cayena, boletus edulis.14g), Pimiento cayena triturado (pimiento cayena seco.7g), Pimiento cayena molido (pimiento cayena seco.14g), Pimiento cayena triturado ojo pájaro (pimiento cayena ojo de pájaro seco.7g), Escama de pimiento picante ahumado (pimiento ahumado picante seco.7g).


Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from light and heat sources.

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