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3 Chutneys Pack



In stock

3 Chutneys Pack



In stock

This pack of three Chutneys made with EVOO are the perfect combination to give a sweet and sour touch to all your recipes.

Chutneys are native to India and widely used by the British, who, due to their colonial past, were probably the ones to spread this delicacy all over the world.

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What do they taste like?

For those who have not tried them, it is a mix between pickles and jams and they are very tasty. And with this beautiful case it is ideal as a gift.

All three are made with their main ingredient as well as white wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, salt and spices such as mustard and cloves.

In which dishes does it go best?

To savour them, we recommend using them as an accompaniment to meat, vegetables or pasta, as well as adding them to sauces, vinaigrettes or stews, or simply for a snack with our pâtés and cheese creams on our regañás.

If we want to hit the right combination, tomato is better for pasta dishes, rice salads and cheese, especially the strong ones.

For its part, the olive chutney is recommended for grilled vegetables, white fish or simply with bread or accompanied by some meat pâté.

And finally, the mango and apple chutney combines very well with poultry and fatty products such as Iberian pork or foie.


Chutney is a word that comes from the Hindi term “chatni” which means “to crush” and is related to the meaning of “finger licking”.

There is a more traditional version of the recipe that is based on making it without cooking, through solar fermentation. But today the most common is subjecting the product to temperature because its conservation is much better.



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