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Mushrooms and fungi, autumn opens its season with 4 recipes.

Mushrooms and fungi are one of the stars of the autumn season and are undoubtedly a great source of protein of biological value. In addition, they have a high percentage of mineral salts and in the kitchen they are very versatile, with a quality very similar to spices and aromatic herbs given the flavor they add to a multitude of dishes.

setas y hongos

Let's see why they are an essential food of the season.

Mushrooms and mushrooms are a very accessible food in the fall season due to their growth in moist soils. For this reason, they are also very subject to the weather, which plays a crucial role in each season.

It is also a food that boasts great nutritional value:

  • It is rich in proteins of biological value.
  • Promote nerve and brain activity
  • It contains a large number of mineral salts, including iron, potassium and phosphorus, and is low in sodium.
  • It is also rich in trace elements, which in their proper measure are essential for the development of many body functions. We are talking about chlorine, sulfur, boron, manganese and zinc.
  • They are ideal for losing weight because they are very meaty and have hardly any calories or fat.

Some species are edible and others are poisonous, and there are even several with negative effects. psychoactive, so it is recommended not to risk too much when consuming them if they are collected from the wild and they should always be selected by an expert if we go out in search of them in the field.

It must be taken into account that mushrooms and fungi absorb everything that is around them and it is important to be very clear about the variety of mushroom that we are going to consume because not all of them are edible, so it is better to buy them instead of picking them from the field if we are not experts.

One of the most common is the mushroom, one of the most consumed mushrooms worldwide. They are very versatile in the kitchen and their nutritional properties provide us with great health benefits.

Boletus Edulis is also very common and highly appreciated in the kitchen for its softness and sweetness, which evokes the flavor of hazelnuts. It is a species that can be preserved in oil very well, which is why we have Boletus Edulis in Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Chinata and a Seasoning in EVOO with Boletus Edulis La Chinata.

It is ideal to prepare them roasted, in salads, with garlic, with Pedro Ximénez, and even in cream, like our Cream of Boletus Edulis La Chinata wave Boletus Edulis and Truffle Cream. They are also delicious grilled but it is recommended not to add fresh garlic because it burns, but rather to use a Garlic seasoning like the one from La Chinata.

And among many of the edible mushrooms, it is worth mentioning the Truffle, one of the most exquisite mushrooms. It is an underground fungus that develops in association with the roots of certain trees or shrubs called truffle species and are found below the surface of the soil at a depth of approximately 20 centimeters.

Its culinary value is so appreciated thanks to its deep aroma and great flavor, capable of enhancing the flavor of any dish with a little truffle, especially with risotto dishes, fresh pasta with Truffle Carpaccio or one La Chinata Truffle Sauce, to accompany meats such as sirloin and cheeks and with vegetables.


And to give our dishes a touch with the aroma of Truffle, La Chinata has a Truffle Mayonnaise, Truffle flavored balsamic vinegar and EVOO Seasoning with Truffle. Also a Sea Salt Flakes with Truffle and one Blue Cheese Cream with Truffle or Pheasant with Truffles Pâté, which will give a delicious touch to your simplest and most traditional dishes.

And if you are looking for a gourmet gift, we suggest this La Chinata Truffle Box which does not lack detail!

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Recipes with Mushrooms and Mushrooms

Now it's time to put on your apron and get some ideas with this selection of our mushroom and mushroom recipes from our La Chinata cookbook. Let's eat mushrooms!



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