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Organic Green Asparagus

Organic Green Asparagus

400 g | 0 € / 1 kg

We strive to offer fresh seasonal products so that you can enjoy fruit and vegetables with their authentic flavour and best qualities. April is the season of green asparagus, a real natural delicacy, and yes, you can find them all year around, but not like these!

At La Chinata we like to promote the seasonal nature of our products, respecting the patterns marked by the seasons and surrounding ourselves with trusted market gardeners with whom we share values, as is the case of Campo y Tierra. They take great care of their crops with organic and chemical-free agriculture in Vegas del Tiétar and Alagón, where they have their own production of organic asparagus. That way, they ensure that aparagus keep their properties and you can taste in their flavour the authentic fresh green asparagus in season.

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Organic Green Asparagus


Size: 16/22.

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