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Olive Wooden board with Handle

Olive Wooden board with Handle


The olive tree, this millenary tree, is the alma mater of La Chinata. From it we extract our precious olives from which we get the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From its leaves we extract Olive leaf extract for our cosmetics and we also add it to our infusions. Its aroma is even the scent of our air fresheners. Olive stones are the best exfoliant for our cosmetics and now we take advantage of their wood to launch the best homeware.

This rustic board with handle is made with olive wood and its bark. It is treated with olive oil and natural beeswax. It is perfect for cutting, plating sausages and cheese, chopping meat…

It is very resistant and its measures are 35/45 cm long, 19/23 cm wide, 1,2/1,5 cm thick approximately.

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How to use: clean with water and soap. Hydrate with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, according to use given, at least once a month.

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