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La Chinata olive oil library in Alicante: "We have countless experiences told by our customers about the benefits of the products"

María Dolores Ruiz Sánchez has been in charge of the La Chinata olive oil library in Alicante since 2011. They are three professional architecture partners without any commercial experience before opening the Alicante oil library, a project that was born as an exciting alternative in a difficult environment and in full economic crisis.

An architect and two surveyors united by professional performance, but above all by a strong bond of friendship.

Q: The beginnings are usually complicated, how was it for you?

R.: Without a doubt, it was quite a challenge because we did not have any experience in the commercial sector, but perhaps that is why we faced it with great effort and enthusiasm.

As all the beginnings were very difficult, despite the efforts to disseminate the benefits of our products, we encountered innumerable setbacks as a result of our inexperience. But looking back, we now see that all those obstacles today have become strengths.

Undoubtedly the blind trust in the project, backed by the great quality and presentation of the products and the invaluable help offered from the head office, were decisive in getting through those very difficult first years.

Q: What did you like the most when deciding to take the plunge with a La Chinata franchise?

A: Without a doubt, we were attracted from the beginning by the presentation of their products and the concept of "oil library", which as such did not exist in the market. And we also liked that it was a franchise in that fledgling year. The visit we made to Plasencia and the contact with the franchisors was decisive in taking the step, due to the trust and closeness they showed us.

The great value for money together with the customization of our baskets and packs are the success of our establishment.


Located in an emblematic enclave

María Dolores: "We are in the heart of the center of Alicante (Plaza Nueva 16, local 1 ground floor), the traditional small business area, located between La Rambla and Avenida Maissonave, which in the last ten years has become the largest offer of restaurants and entertainment venues in the city. Next to Calle Castaños, the nerve center of the famous "afternoon", our establishment opens onto Plaza Nueva, a cozy space surrounded by cafeterias and known for its large "fish bowl" that has been a pole of attraction for local citizens and tourists.

"We have countless experiences told by our customers about the benefits of the products."


best selling products

Q: What are the best-selling products?

A: The star products are the Hand Creams, the Repairing Balm and the Meat Pâtés.

Q: Any special personal weakness for any of the products you sell?

R.: In my case the White Wine, the Hand Cream and the Repairing Balm.

Our customers continue to enjoy their experience every time they visit us as they always discover something new


Q: What do you think makes La Chinata products stand out from the rest?

A: With cosmetics we are especially delighted. After 8 years in charge of the establishment, we have countless experiences told by our clients about the benefits of all the products and especially those of skin care, with all the properties that our products based on Olive Oil provide.

The most demanding customers, especially Asian women and those from Eastern countries, have gone from initial skepticism (as a result of the novelty) to blind trust that has helped us a lot to spread the brand among these groups.


Values of the Oleoteca and personal satisfaction

Q: What are the values you try to project?

A: Closeness, trust and being able to satisfy our customers.

Q: For you, a satisfied customer is a customer who…

A: Without a doubt, he will come back and repeat because he has loved our products.

Q: What is the most satisfying part of your job?

A: When the customer shares his experience with you about his satisfaction. If we have achieved it because of our service and the quality of our products, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

We will soon be ten years old and we are still excited as the first day to continue offering our products and our best service in Alicante for a long time.


Activities promoted by the Oleoteca

Q: Do you organize activities? What are they about? When will the next one be?

A: Throughout the year we belong to a group of establishments that are part of a tourist circuit. In this circle, we organize tastings at our premises about 2-3 times a week. In addition, every year we collaborate with the association of Alicante Cerebral Palsy, to which we donated a gift basket for their celebration.


Information of interest

owners Maria Dolores Ruiz Sanchez
Address Plaza Nueva 16, local 1 ground floor.

Contact Phone: 965 146 204
[email protected]
Schedules From Monday to Saturday: from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
social media Instagram/lachinataalicante
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